Warehousing Services

Aldelano will customize a logistics solution that meets the needs of your business including providing the flexibility you desire

  • WE WILL perform value added services including packaging, order fulfillment, restacking, physical inventories, and more
  • WE WILL accommodate your after-hours loads and have personnel available on demand
  • WE WILL meet your unique storage and shipping requirements
  • WE WILL accommodate your last minute requests and emergency orders
  • WE WILL work directly with your WMS and customize our inventory and reporting systems to interface with yours
  • WE WILL ship customer direct loads, live loads and shuttles quickly and efficiently

Let us make improvements to the following departments:

  • Warehousing
  • On-Line Support
  • Material Handling
  • Technical Services
  • Packaging
  • Store Room Operation
  • Manufacturing
  • Cleaning
  • Quality Lab/Analytical Services
  • General Labor Functions