Managed Staffing

Why have huge in-house payroll and equipment costs?

Converting fixed costs to variable is the secret to being financially lean staying competitive in the marketplace.

Aldelano Contract Staffing Services

Aldelano gives you the option of outsourcing the departments within your organization that do not represent your core business. We can have a crew of as few as 30 skilled workers or as many as 1,000 - at your facility or offsite - within a short time frame to help complete your task in a timely and cost effective manner.

We're not a hiring agent, we're a management company and we understand that effective management requires integrating multiple systems in a smoothly functioning process. We coordinate labor management with both project and production management to ensure timely and profitable completion.

Examples of labor related services we provide include:

Among the benefits you can enjoy are:

  • Product line support
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Material Handling
  • Quality lab/ analytic services
  • Storeroom operation
  • Damaged good processing
  • Cleaning
  • Machine Operation
  • General labor functions
  • Packaging
  • The ability to concentrate on your company's core capabilities
  • Lower labor costs
  • increased opportunities to capture and control costs
  • reduced exposure to worker's compensation and lawsuits
  • A reduction in the costs as well as the administrative burdens associated with managing a large labor force.
  • "To-Your-Door-Service"- available ANYWHERE in the UNITED STATES!

Aldelano’s Managed Staffing Service gives you the option of outsourcing any department within your organization to our proven management teams and experienced crews.Aldelano will audit your supply chain and develop lean proposals that will improve results at lower cost.

We provide an effective medium between using your high cost, in-house, fixed labor and the burdens associated with temp labor. Our proven systems of recruiting, training and systems management will ensure success and our KPI score-carding, results and improvement tracking will allow you to easily monitor results and track.